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South Terrebonne High School's Close Up Trip to Washington D.C.

American Flag

Close Up’s flagship High School Program is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for students to experience their government in action. From visits to Washington’s famous monuments, memorials, and institutions, to meetings with their Congressional delegation on Capitol Hill, Close Up students get a first-hand look at the American political system and consider what role they, as students, play in our democracy.

Here’s how to be a part of this great experience:

  1. Review information online at
  2. Parents can learn more about the program by clicking on the “Parent” tab at the top of the webpage.  Students can learn more by clicking on the “Student” tab in the same area.
  3. After you register for the program with Mrs. Courtney Cenac, use the login and password information you receive to complete the enrollment form as soon as possible.

Any additional questions can be forwarded to Mrs. Courtney Cenac at or 985-868-7850.